‘We are the spirit of Christmas’: Lower East Side offers unique options for gifts

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NEW YORK — Forget the big box stores and Herald Square this holiday shopping season.

Instead, Lower East Side merchants want you to take a trip off the beaten path and trip the light fantastic.

“We are the spirit of New York,” Jimmy Webb, the owner of I Need More, told PIX11. “We are the past, present and future.”

"I Need More" is billed as a rock and roll clothing store for everyone.

It’s a uniquely New York store with items you’d never find in a big box one.

There are sequined rock star jackets starting at $1,200, a Cruella de Vil coat for $1,600 and this little slip of a backstage pass dress for $300.

These New Yorkers loved everything they saw, including this belt for $50 and faux fur bondage jacket for $100.

“This a unique belt,” Fry Racks, a shopper, told PIX11.

“I like clothes that let my personality show,” Minieu Karimi, another shopper, told PIX11.

Less funky but just as New York centric is this locally made menswear store “made by Robert James” whose designs he calls “simple, honest, handsome and all handmade in the garment Center, like a Parka for $999.

“If I come to New York, I want to buy something that is really made in New York,” Robert James, designer, “that’s why people should shop locally,” he added.

And the jewelry at Yaf Sparkle on Broome Street is supporting such a great cause this holiday season.

Ten percent of the proceeds from the $1,500 engagement rings to the $24,000 one, and all points in between, All go to the jewelry designers’s foundation in Senegal to support the children of lepers in Koutal.

It is called the ASB Foundation.

“My Father founded it 35 years ago,” Yaf Boye-Flaegel, jewelry designer, “and he wanted to make sure kids can actually be children.”