Cop caught shoplifting at Banana Republic not arrested: report

LOWER MANHATTAN, N.Y. — An NYPD sergeant was caught shoplifting from a Banana Republic store and was not arrested, according to an article the New York Post published Saturday.

Sgt. Tamas Balatoni, 49, was accused of switching price tags at the Banana Republic at 552 Broadway on Thursday night near Police Headquarters and police were called in, according to the report.

Balatoni was not arrested for the crime but was instead stripped of his badge and gun and assigned to desk duty, a source told the Post.

A police source also told the publication that the sergeant is facing pressure from the department to retire to avoid potential disciplinary charges.

“If he doesn’t retire, he’s probably going to get fired. He’s an embarrassment to the Police Department and to the profession itself,” the source said.

Balatoni did not respond to request for comment.