Bodega Advent project features local artists in Christmas countdown

Something unique has been happening in the bodegas in Bushwick and Ridgewood.

As you stop in for milk or a bagel or perhaps to visit your favorite bodega cat, take note of the cool artwork that could be hanging on the door or window.

“We had an idea to do a living advent calendar, and we thought the bodegas are these places in the neighborhood that are really begins of hospitality,” said Director of Arts and Community Development, Vince Anderson.

It’s called the “Bodega Advent Project” and was organized by Bushwick Abbey and Iglesia de la Santa Cruz.

A traditional advent calendar counts down the days of Christmas.

The Abbey commissioned twenty-five local artists and since Dec 1, they have installed one piece of art every day.

The artists were told to keep the art to a 9 by 9 template.

“We gave them things like the basic themes of Advent Hope and waiting and watching and hoping for a better world,” said Anderson.

An Instagram account has been set up to follow the project, and there will be a guided walk of the Bodega Advent Project on Christmas Eve at 4:30 p.m. Afterwards, the Abbey will collect each piece of art and eventually give back to its respective artist.

They say bodegas are the perfect fit for the project because they’re like community centers, many immigrant-owned.

They want the art to help bring people together as well as welcome outsiders during this holiday season.