Last SpaceX launch of the year lights up sky with dramatic show over Los Angeles

The 18th and final mission of the year for SpaceX put a bright mysterious light in the West Coast sky Friday night.

Around 5:27 p.m. Pacific Time, SpaceX’s Falcon 9 successfully launched off at the Vandenberg Air Force Base in Southern California. The base said it was fourth set of 10 satellites that SpaceX will launch for its Iridium mission.

SpaceX livestreamed the event on its Facebook page and updated moments on its Twitter account, from the time the satellite launched to when the engines cut off or when the satellite acquired healthy signals.

However, the launch wasn’t the only thing that lit up. The event caused a social media frenzy among many  — Twitter and Facebook erupted with users posting videos and pictures of the light across the sky.

Some thought about UFOs coming to earth, while others thought the light came from North Korea missiles. There were even thoughts of an early Santa sighting!

Officials deemed SpaceX’s final scheduled launch a success.

CNN contributed to this report.