Smashing stereotypes through socks

You cannot help but smile when you are around 21-year old John Cronin who is smashing stereotypes through his business of selling socks.

John says the mission is to spread happiness through the sale of socks.

That is why John, who has down syndrome, along with his father created John's Crazy Socks one year ago.

Let's start from the beginning when John was graduating from school and like any student was looking for a job.

At first, John wanted to open a food truck with his father.  "The problem there, my daddy and I, we can't cook," says John.

But, that did not stop him from coming up with another idea - socks.

"I wanted this to be a father son duo," says John.  Mark Cronin says his son settled on a sock business because he had long worn crazy colorful socks.

In December of 2016, the two opened a small office selling 32 different designs.

Through a social media campaign, with many videos featured John, the two quickly went from selling just over 400 pairs of socks in one month to now selling 800 pairs of socks per day with over 1500 variations and designs to choose from.  Plus, the two now have 32 employees on the payroll.

"About half of those employees have learning disabilities," Mark said,  "We have said we will build a business model working with people with disabilities and based on giving back."

Setting John's Crazy Socks apart from any other sock company is the fact that John includes candy and a handwritten note in every single box.

Plus, portions of their awareness campaign socks go to local and national charities like the Special Olympics.

If you want to purchase any of these amazing socks for a cause, you can do so at