‘It looks like blood’: Bronx great-grandmother needs repairs to home where mysterious brown fluid oozes from walls

THE BRONX — Louise Elcock, 86, says her apartment on Park Avenue in the Bronx has creepy problems.

“I don’t know what this brown stuff coming out of my walls is but it looks scary," Elcock. "It looks like blood or something out of horror movie."

“It’s time for the holidays, fun, cheer and happiness, and it's a house of horrors,” says Bernice Browning, Elcock’s daughter.

Elcock has 32 great-grandchildren , 28 grandchildren, and six children has one holiday wish.

“I get no sleep and my nerves. I’m depressed when I look at the walls. I wish the City would fix this,” Elcock said.

A New York City Housing Authority spokesperson says, “Staff visited the resident today and repairs will be completed tomorrow. Our residents deserve safe, clean homes, and we are working urgently to provide that for all who live at NYCHA.”

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