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Student stabbed near Brooklyn high school, runs inside school for help

BROWNSVILLE, Brooklyn — A student was stabbed near a Brownsville high school and then ran inside the school for help Tuesday afternoon, officials said.

It happened about 3:30 p.m. on Bristol Street near Blake Avenue. The victim was rushed to a hospital in serious but stable condition, an FDNY spokesperson said.

The stabbing was not school-related, a Department of Education spokeswoman said.

"The NYPD responded to and is investigating a non-school related incident that took place in the area after dismissal," the spokesperson said. "The individual involved came to the school after the incident seeking help and school staff immediately reported it to the proper authorities."

There is more than one high school on Bristol Street. It was not immediately clear if the student involved ran into Frederick Douglass Academy VII High School or Teachers Preparatory High School.