How to wrap the perfect present

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Santa Claus is coming to town, which means it's time to get your last minute presents.

If you don’t want to pay extra to get your gifts professionally wrapped, here is how to wrap the perfect present at home.


  • Wrapping paper
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon

Instructions for wrapping a gift

  1. Purchase wrapping paper of your choice. Choose a solid color or unembellished roll of paper so you don’t have to worry about the design while wrapping.
  2. Place your gift on the wrapping paper.
  3. Fold one side of your paper over your box and line it up in the middle. Put a strip of tape to keep the paper in place. Make sure you pull the seam tight for the best presentation.
  4. Pull the remainder of your paper roll over your box to meet in the middle. Cut the excess paper and secure it using tape. Protip: use double side tape to hide tape strips.
  5. Pull all the sides and seams of the gift tight. Cut additional excess side paper.
  6. Fold each side of the box in an envelope style. Again, use double side tape to hide tape sticks.

Now than you are done with the wrapping paper, it is time to put on a ribbon as a finishing touch.

Instructions for tying a picture perfect bow:

  1. Measure out five lengths of ribbon from the bottom edge of one side of your box to the bottom edge of the opposite side. Cut excess ribbon.
  2. Once your long ribbon is back in the middle, hold down the center with your finger.
  3. Fold down the longer ribbon. Wrap it under the box until it is back in the center over all the ribbons.
  4. Take one end of the ribbon and tuck it under the center. Then pull the ribbon out on the opposite corner to secure the center knot.
  5. Time to tie your bow! Adjust the lengths of the ribbon accordingly to make them more symmetrical. To give it an even more elevated feel, fold the ends of your ribbon and make a diagonal cut with your scissors.

Instructions and tips in this video were inspired by Alexandra Beth and Lia Griffith. Interested in more festive content and videos? Head to PIX11's Holiday Countdown.

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