Broker who fled Howard gets busted

Posted: 10:39 PM, Dec 18, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-18 22:39:29-05

Every so often, the law catches up with some of the characters I meet.

It happened to William Ferrerosa .  This guy was a supposed real estate broker who took $6,600 from a Brooklyn mother and daughter.  Then he didn’t give them the apartment they thought they’d rented and held on to their money.

When I showed up, the guy fled his own office and threatened to call the police! But he did send an associate over later to pay the ladies back in cash.

That was about a year ago.  Last week the NYPD visited him.  William Ferrerosa was arrested for grand larceny and identity theft stemming from other shenanigans. He’d been busted before but the Brooklyn DA decided not to prosecute.  Let’s see what happens now.


And there’s Pastor R. David Keith who preaches in Newark.  He and a co-defendant have finally been indicted for allegedly taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from a South Plainfield plumbing and heating company where he worked as an accountant. Keith faces 17 counts including forgery, credit card theft and insurance fraud.


And Beverley Daniels has new problems.  We spent months trying to help get a bunch of squatters out of the Canarsie home she’d just purchased.  Now that she’s in, she’s been hit with a whopping utility bill from National Grid.  It’s more than $3,000 for bills the squatters ran up and split without paying, of course.

We contacted National Grid and they told us, “The account is on hold while we work with the customer to investigate.”

We hope National Grid does the right thing.  Beverley can’t afford this.  The squatters did enough damage and cost her enough money.