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14 NYC schools, including Bronx campus where student was fatally stabbed, face closure

Posted: 11:13 AM, Dec 18, 2017
Updated: 2017-12-18 13:07:33-05

Above, watch school officials discuss the proposal.

NEW YORK — Fourteen NYC schools face closure, including the Bronx campus where a student was fatally stabbed earlier this semester, largely due to underperformance, and others may be merged or truncated, the NYC Department of Education announced Monday.

Of the schools closing, nine are part of the “Renewal School” program, which aims to support long-struggling campuses by setting clear goals and providing targeted resources, department officials said.

School officials were advised each campus would be held accountable for “sustainable improvement,” and the nine schools selected to close have not seen sufficient improvement, department officials said Monday. Chancellor Carmen Fariña hopes students at these schools will be better served at higher-performing schools.

Five schools not part of the “Renewal School” program are also proposed to close.

Specific information about why these schools face closure was only offered for one — The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation in the Bronx, where a student fatally stabbed a fellow student and injured another at the start of the school year.

The department provided the following statement on the school:

The DOE has been monitoring this school and provided ongoing support dating back to the 2016-17 school year, including placing additional safety agents at the school and increasing training for staff members. Following the tragedy that took place in September, DOE leaders have visited the school frequently, including several visits from the Chancellor. The DOE has also strengthened safety measures, selected a new leader, expanded parent engagement and offered more instructional resources and training. Despite these additional interventions, there continues to be instability for students and staff, and the Chancellor has determined that Wildlife students will be better served at another school.

Other schools faced closure for different reasons, including being too small, Fariña said at a news conference announcing the proposals.

One “Renewal School” will be truncated as part of a plan to revamp the high school’s arts program, and five others will be merged with other campuses. In addition, 21 schools part of the program that have seen “strong and steady gains” will be designated “Rise Schools.” The remaining 46 “Renewal Schools” will receive increased support and oversight.

“Rise School” is a new designation that includes schools meeting at least 67 percent of their benchmarks, are not on the state’s priority list and have demonstrated a sustainable school improvement structure, department officials said. The campuses will continue to receive targeted support and face monitoring, but with more autonomy.


All impacted families should receive a letter Monday and phone call from a Department of Education staffer explaining the proposal, department officials said. Specific dates and times for community meetings will be offered in that letter and phone call.

Each school proposed for closure, truncation or merger will hold at least one community meeting by Jan. 15, 2018, led by the superintendent or a member of their team at the school, officials said.

Proposals for schools facing closure and truncation will be posted in January, and voted on Feb. 28, 2018. If approved, closures would take place at the end of the current school year, and the truncated school would no longer serve students in the truncating grades after the end of the current school year.

Proposals for schools facing merger will be posted by the beginning of February, and voted on March 21, 2018. Schools would be merged for the 2018-19 school year, if approved.

Nine “Renewal School” proposed to be closed:

  • PS 050 Vito Marcantonio
  • Coalition School for Social Change
  • High School for Health Careers and Sciences
  • New Explorers High School
  • Urban Science Academy
  • PS 92 Bronx School
  • Brooklyn Collegiate: A College Board School
  • PS/MS 42 R. Vernam
  • MS 53 Brian Piccolo

Five schools not part of the program proposed to be closed:

  • Academy for Social Action
  • Felisa Rincon de Gautier Institute
  • Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation
  • Eubie Blake School

Five “Renewal School” proposed for merger: 

  • Holcombe L. Rucker School of Community and Longwood Preparatory Academy — Longwood Preparatory Academy will be the prevailing school. Both schools are Renewal Schools, both schools are in the same building, and the merged school will remain in the Renewal program next year.
  • Accion Academy and Entrada Academy – Accion Academy, which is not in the Renewal program, will be the prevailing school.
  • East Flatbush Community and Research School and Middle School of Marketing and Legal Studies – East Flatbush Community and Research School, a Rise school, will be the prevailing school. Both schools are in the same building.
  • Middle school grades of Gregory Jocko Jackson School and Brownsville Collaborative Middle School – Brownsville Collaborative Middle School, which is not in the Renewal program, will absorb the middle school grades of Gregory Jocko Jackson School. The elementary school grades at Gregory Jocko Jackson School will remain in the Renewal program.

“Renewal School” proposed for truncation

  • Middle school grades of Wadleigh Secondary School for The Performing Visual Arts – next year, the school will serve students in grades 9-12. Wadleigh will enter the Arts High School Planning Process, which will include additional funding and extensive support from the Education Department’s Office of Arts and Special Projects. The goal is to make the campus one of the city’s top audition arts high schools.

21 schools to be designated “Rise Schools”:


  • PS 015 Roberto Clemente
  • Orchard Collegiate Academy
  • Renaissance School of the Arts
  • IS 528 Bea Fuller Rodgers School


  • PS 154 Jonathan D. Hyatt
  • Bronx Early College Academy for Teacher and Learning
  • DreamYard Preparatory School
  • JHS 080 The Mosholu Parkway
  • The Bronx School of Young Leaders
  • Urban Scholars Community School


  • PS 067 Charles A. Dorsey
  • JHS 050 John D. Wells
  • East Flatbush Community Research School
  • Brooklyn Generation School
  • PS 328 Phyllis Wheatley
  • Cypress Hills Collegiate Preparatory


  • Pan American International High School
  • PS 197 The Ocean School
  • JHS 008 Richard S. Grossley
  • Ebbets Field Middle School
  • John Adams High School