New Jersey naughty list: At least 17 arrested during drunken, violent Hoboken SantaCon

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HOBOKEN, NJ — More than a dozen Santas in New Jersey are on the naughty list.

Hoboken police arrested 17 people during Saturday's SantaCon, according to Police Chief Ken Ferrante, who live tweeted the day. The city flooded the streets with officers to handle the thousands of revelers clad in red suits.

"To see the conduct & listen to the dialogue of these individuals is startling," Ferrante tweeted about the people arrested. "All are combative, abusive intoxicated persons."

Just five people were arrested during SantaCon 2016 in Hoboken. Officers had arrested five people by four hours into this year's event.

"The @HobokenPD officers out on the streets will do their best to keep these revelers under control," Ferrante tweeted. "And when these Santas break the law, they will be there to summons or arrest them."

Most of the arrests were for assault and disorderly conduct. A 22-year-old woman, who was arrested after being involved in a fight, also punched and officer in the face. She is now facing an aggravated assault charge.

One person also spat in an officer's face while being processed.

"How some try to paint this as a "CHARITABLE EVENT" is absolutely laughable," Ferrante tweeted.

The police chief had backing from Hoboken Mayor-elect Ravi Bhalla. He plans to review every option available for handling the event once in office.

"SantaCon is not welcome in Hoboken," he tweeted. "It’s a shame some of our bar owners enable disorderly conduct."

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