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Rutgers frat accused of drugging sorority members: report

Posted at 8:29 PM, Dec 16, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-16 20:29:57-05

New Brunswick, N.J. — The Sigma Chi fraternity at Rutgers University is accused of using Xanax to drug sorority members at a mixer in the beginning of the fall semester, according to a report in the university’s student newspaper The Daily Targum.

The student paper filed an Open Public Records Act request after the Rutgers chapter of the fraternity was shut down in November for undisclosed reasons. The university’s report collected individual testimonies to the Office of Student Conduct, video footage,  and text messages.  The fraternity was already under investigation for alleged infractions of university policy before the complaints were filed.

Sigma Chi invited members of sorority Sigma Delta Tau to a mixer at one of the fraternity’s satellite houses on Sept. 16. There was an orange athletic container filled with a mixture of alcohol and fruit juice, which several sorority members said tasted funny and had a “chalky” texture, according to the report.

“It was stated that SDT members, about 10 of them, were left vomiting, incoherent, and some even blacked out,” the report said.

Rutgers spokesperson Neal Buccino confirmed that the fraternity has been shut down, but did not state the reason why.

“All operations and activities of the chapter are terminated until August 2020, after which the national organization may consider establishing a chapter with new members, without the involvement of suspended members,” Buccino said. “In addition, the Sigma Chi national organization agreed to directly inform all members still on campus that, for the remainder of their undergraduate careers at Rutgers, they must cease any and all fraternity activity.”