Famed Lincoln Plaza Cinemas will close in January

NEW YORK — The Lincoln Plaza Cinemas,  a staple in the New York theater community, is set to close at the end of January, PIX11 News has learned.

People of all ages said they were sad to see the institution go.

"The movie theatre can’t close — I’ve lived here 21 years it’s been here my whole life we’ve always been on top of the movie theatre, it’s a part of my family now," Matthew Buckner said.

“We always have the smell of popcorn in the stairwell ..go here when we want to for documentary films.”

The six-screen multiplex located in the basement of a residential building on the corner of Broadway and 62nd Street has been here since 1982 — and still draws solid crowds due to its location, according to the general manager.

"It’s not for lack of business we’re closing," said General Manager Ewnetu Admassu.

But now, the lease is up.

"It was expiring at the end of the year we wanted an extension," Admassau said. "Seems like they have another plan...unfortunately we have to come out.”

The theater is also known to show many documentaries and short films and is popular to the speciality film industry.

So what now?

They're hoping for a Christmas miracle.

A spokesperson for Milstein Properties told PIX11, "There is vital structural work needed to repair and waterproof the plaza surrounding the building that cannot be completed while the space is in use, and will begin now that the cinema’s lease has expired. At the completion of this work, we expect to re-open the space as a cinema that will maintain its cultural legacy far into the future."