New Jersey Gov.-elect Phil Murphy on what’s ahead for the state

Incoming New Jersey Governor, Phil Murphy joined the PIX11 Morning News to talk about what he has planned for the state and answered some questions from the viewers.

In light of the recent New York subway terror attack, critics bring up that the suspected bomber is an immigrant.

Murphy hopes to make New Jersey a sanctuary state and have it serve as a “welcoming community” where people feel more comfortable with their community, which will make it safer. However, he does not want to confuse public safety to immigration rights — if someone commits a crime, he believes they should be prosecuted to the fullest.

In regards to the tax plan, Murphy still hasn’t given up in battling it.

The tax plan does not just affect property tax, “it blows a hole for student loans and health care cut corporate taxes,” he said, “If it does pass, we’re going to use all available means to push back on it.”

Being that New Jersey has the highest property tax, the middle class has been paying a heavy price. Murphy plans to provide relieve and reinvest in the middle class, and hopefully fully fund public education.

Not only that, he hopes to increase the minimum wage and legalize marijuana, explaining how it will leave a “positive economic impact,” as it will shrink the wide gap between white and non-white people incarcerated.

Phil Murphy's responses to viewer questions:

  1. Will the 2nd Amendment be restored in the Garden State?
  1. Affordable housing is critical in N.J. What is your plan, and how many new homes can we expect over your term as Governor?
  1. Any plans for improved infrastructure in and out of Manhattan?