Mother of Queens woman found dead on island of Jamaica says officials mishandled investigation

QUEENS — The investigation into the death of a New York City woman found with a slashed throat last month on the island of Jamaica has been mishandled, the victim’s mother told PIX11 Wednesday.

It’s been nearly three weeks since the body of Desiree Gibbon, 26, of Queens, was first spotted on a rural road in Jamaica over Thanksgiving weekend. She had been vacationing there for three weeks, and planned to fly home just days after her death.

Since then, investigators have failed to properly collect DNA evidence, according to Gibbon’s mother, who told the Daily News that her daughter's cellphone was left in her hotel room and was never collected by investigators.

“They haven’t done anything right,” Andrea Cali-Gibbon said.

Cali-Gibbon returned to Queens this past weekend with her daughter’s body after spending a week and a half on the island with her husband, searching the scene of Gibbon's death for clues.

“I’m just lost. I’m on auto pilot — going through the motions. Completely numb,” she told the Daily News at the time.

Gibbon suffered a “chopping wound to neck,” a term her mother says Jamaican investigators used, and bruising throughout her body. She was fully clothed, despite missing one flip-flop.

“I actually have position of that flip-flop. I put it in a plastic bag, and I brought it home and we’ll figure out what to do with it,” the mother said.

Gibbon was last seen in surveillance footage that shows her leaving a hotel, which her grandmother owned, at 11:27 p.m. on Nov. 23. Her body was found days later.

She was dressed casually, in a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops, and was buzzed out by a doorman, her mother said.

“She told the security guard she’d be right back,” Cali-Gibbon told the Daily News. “Nobody spoke to her after that.”

Cali-Gibbon believes her daughter was planning to meet someone she knew.

“Somebody summoned her out of that hotel,” Cali-Gibbon said. “She knew them, and she knew them well. She had not been around them once or twice; she had been around these people multiple times. Probably in the three-plus weeks she was there.”

A “number of people” have been questioned in the killing, but no arrests have been made, Cali-Gibbon said she was told by local police while in Jamaica.

Now Cali-Gibbon is planning her daughter's funeral, and said she is prepared to hire her own investigator to find her daughter's killer.