Fans pack movie theaters for opening night of ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’

The global box office for "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" awakens.

This eighth feature in the 40-year Star Wars franchise could power to a worldwide opening weekend box office of more than $440 million dollars, if you count the weekend as starting at 6 p.m. Thursday night at a super fan event.

“It’s about a family and unity,” Carlos Otero , a Bronx Star Wars fan, told PIX11. “It’s really about unity.”

Hundreds of fans, some in costumes, waited for hours at regal union square in order to get stars wars trading cards and an extra six minutes of the film no one else can see, fans from eight to 80 or thereabouts.

“I love the fighting,” 8-year-old Grace Lee told PIX11 News.

Some other super Star Wars fans were warming up at The Dark Side, a pop-up bar in Soho complete with costumed wait staff, go go dancers dressed like princess Leia and Stars Wars themed drinks, like the steaming Red and Blue force.

“It’s fun and kitschy and I love it,” Lily D’Amato, a Dark Side customer, told PIX11 News.

This Star Wars feature is particularly human and poignant with the late Carrie Fisher in her last screen role and her most beloved one.

Bring a Kleenex. These fans were so moved.

“I only cried four times,” one moviegoer said.