East Harlem principal tells parents there’s a single bed bug in school

EAST HARLEM, Manhattan — An East Harlem school principal sent out a letter to parents letting them know the school had a single bed bug.

That's right - one bed bug.

Parent Lanette  Henderson was confused. She couldn't understand how a single bed bug could infiltrate her daughter's school. Henderson wondered if staff at P.S. 102 were downplaying an infestation.

“That’s almost impossible for it to even be one bed bug," Henderson said. "That’s like saying, 'there’s just one roach.' That’s just not possible."

Henderson has called the school superintendent's office over the issue.

Other parents have sent their children to class, keeping their fingers crossed and hoping the kids stay bed bug free. Henderson isn't taking any chances. She's keeping her daughter home until she believes the bed bug situation is under control.

A city Department of Education spokesperson told PIX11, "We're committed to providing all students with a clean and comfortable learning environment. An exterminator was sent to the school and this matter is being addressed."