Beer dispute blamed for fatal shooting of 80-year-old Brooklyn bodega worker

EAST NEW YORK, Brooklyn —An 80-year-old Brooklyn bodega worker lost his life over a beer.

His alleged shooter, 41-year-old Mark Thomas, had tried to purchase a $2 Corona at 797 Deli on Stanley Avenue Tuesday afternoon, police said. He only has $1.50.

A worker told him he couldn’t buy the beer and Thomas left.

Thomas came back around 6:30 p.m. and fired several round, allegedly hitting Abdulla Yafaee in the chest, officials said. Yafaee was not the worker who had stopped Thomas from purchasing the Corona.

Yafaee was found on the floor of the corner store. He was rushed to Brookdale hospital in critical condition, but he did not survive the gunshot wound.

Thomas was taken into custody for questioning Wednesday night after workers recognized him from surveillance video. Police arrested and charged him with murder and criminal possession of a weapon on Thursday.

A 55-year-old clerk at the same deli was killed in 2014. Hisham Zidan’s body was found in the basement of the deli. He suffered a heart attack during a robbery. Officers at the time found a cash register on the floor.

Another employee fought off an armed gunman with a baseball bat in another incident at the deli.