East Flatbush community mourns 80-year-old bodega worker after fatal shooting

EAST FLATBUSH, Brooklyn — A community is in mourning after a beloved deli clerk was shot and killed in East New York Tuesday evening.  And this isn't the first time a deadly incident has taken place inside this bodega.

"He was an innocent man.  He didn't deserve to die."

That's all friends and family could say as they left the 797 Deli Wednesday afternoon.

The group of men were still visibly upset after they gathered behind locked gates inside the store where just one night earlier 80-year-old Abdulla Yafaee was fatally shot in the chest.

"He was very nice friendly to everybody they like him very much," said Mukhtar Ali, a friend and former co-worker at the Prospect-Lefferts Gardens deli where Yafaee used to work. "He used to come and visit before he passed on."

Ali says he moved about 10 years ago and was just as beloved in his new community.

"If you was short on something he would give you the money, or not give you the money, but let you go.  He never argued with anybody, he never had any drama so this is shocking," said one woman who lived by the deli.

But this isn't the first incident at the deli.  Four years ago another deli worker died from a heart attack during a robbery and just last year a worker had to fend off a would-be robber with a baseball bat.

A person is currently being questioned by police.

If you have any information, police ask that you call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.