News Closeup: NYC comptroller on city’s financial health; plus a breakdown of GOP tax plan

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New York City has an annual budget of almost $85 billion. Making sure those funds are properly allocated is the job of City Comptroller Scott Stringer.

This past year, his office conducted 67 audits and 27 policy and budget reports. As we near the end of 2017, Marvin Scott and Scott Stringer talk about the city’s financial health. They also discuss how New Yorkers at various income levels may be impacted by the GOP tax plan.

Republicans say that tax plan will help the middle class but many believe it’s the wealthiest Americans who will really benefit from the measure. The House and the Senate have approved their versions and are now working out a compromise.

Marvin Scott gets insight from Jim Hiles, senior partner at First Capital Advisors Group, on what this tax bill is all about and how you may be affected by the changes.