Employee hides camera phone in vent of women’s bathroom of Queens restaurant: police

LONG ISLAND CITY — More than three months after a dishwasher disappeared from a bar after his phone was found in the women’s bathroom, police have taken him into custody.

Hector-Miguel Ramirez-Vargas, 31, worked at Holy Guacamole in Long Island City when he was caught in the act. He allegedly admitted he that set up his cell phone in the bathroom’s ceiling vent when “attractive women” came in, according to the Daily News.

When the customer confronted the manager, he called police, but Ramirez-Vargas ran through the back of the restaurant and got away, Daily News reported. After the incident, he never came back to the restaurant, the manager told Daily News.

He was eventually caught by police and faces charges of unlawful surveillance.

He remains held on $1,500 bond or $3,000 cash bail.