Jersey City residents enjoy the first snowfall of winter

JERSEY CITY, N.J. — With the temperatures just hovering at the freezing mark, it was time to shovel away the two inches of snow that fell in Jersey City and put the sodium chloride icemelt on slippery sidewalks.
Some drivers were prepared, lifting their wiper blades so they don’t stick in the snow.
A Queens resident visiting Jersey City for the day was busy clearing and scraping and reveling in the first snowfall of the season.
“Love the snow,” Raymond Haas, a Queens resident said. “It looks so pretty on the trees.”
The Clark family enjoyed  a great birthday for daughter Victoria who just bought herself a four wheel drive car in the nick of time.
“It certainly made driving in the snow so much easier,” Victoria Clark said.
And for the Bhaskarab family of Fairlawn, everyone was delighting in how much five-year-old Dahlia loves to make snowballs
“She so loves the snow. She was making snowballs all day and throwing them at me,” Archana Bhaskaran, her mother told PIX11. “She was so excited.”