NYC nonprofit suits up men in search of a new job

NEW YORK — Anthony Allen moved a few months ago from Georgia to Brooklyn. He’s been looking for a job, but something was missing.

That something was a suit.

"I do corrections in Georgia but now I’m here so I’m out there searching for something like that," Allen said.

He was one of more than a dozen men who received a brand new suit this week, thanks to a partnership between Mohan’s Custom Tailors and the nonprofit “That Suits You.”

"Feels wonderful. I look good! Do I look like a movie star? I’m on my way. This is a start," Allen said.

PK Kersey started the organization three years ago with his brother.

"After working for the state for 24 years and seeing men come in for interviews and not being dressed properly, I kind of wanted to do something about it," Kersey said.

The brothers started with their own closet, donating suits they no longer wore, then reached out to friends and family and their church. Three years in, they’re now getting suits from companies and even celebrities have donated to their cause.

"Gayle King reached out to us she donated items -- celebrities, actors. It’s a good feeling knowing that I made an impact doing something that I love," Kersey said.

Mohan’s Custom Tailors, which makes custom suits for businessmen, politicians and famous athletes, says it was a no-brainer to donate the 70 suits they had on hand, especially, around the holiday season.

"Some people they probably don’t own a suit so this will help them with whatever they want to do in life, a job interview," said KJ Singh, of Mohan's Custom Tailors.

And the men who received them said there’s no better gift.

"Today has been amazing. I got my suit. I don’t know what it's called but he tailored it perfectly. It was amazing, crazy, I’m sure I’m gonna get it back perfect. Today was the best day," Anthony Saunders, of Bed-Stuy, said.

Tailored to the nines, Allen is ready for that job offer.

"I know this is a start. I know I’m on my way to the top -- or the middle," Allen said.