Head of Democratic Party calls for Al Franken’s resignation

The head of the Democratic Party is adding his voice to the majority of Senate Democrats calling on Sen. Al Franken to resign.

Chairman Tom Perez says in a statement Wednesday that sexual misconduct, harassment and assault have no place in the Democratic Party, Congress, the White House or anywhere.

Franken faces multiple allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. The Minnesota Democrat plans to make an announcement Thursday.

In a swipe at the GOP, Perez highlights accusations against both President Donald Trump and Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore.

Perez says: “The Republican Party has chosen to pursue power and push their radical far-right agenda at any cost. And they’ve continued to champion a president who has a long and disturbing history of misconduct with women.”

A tweet sent from Sen. Al Franken’s verified account says he is still talking with his family and has not made a final decision on whether he’ll resign.

The tweet was sent Wednesday after Minnesota Public Radio News reported that Franken will resign. The report cited an unnamed Democratic official who spoke to Franken.

In response, a tweet from Franken’s account says the story is “not accurate” and “No final decision has been made.”

Franken lost support in the Senate on Wednesday after a seventh woman came forward accusing him of sexual impropriety. He denied the allegation, but more than a dozen Senate Democrats, led by female lawmakers, called on him to step aside.

Franken’s office says he’ll make an announcement Thursday, but has offered no more details.