Former addict opens animal rescue, looks for forever homes for dogs saved from hurricane-ravaged areas

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Mike Favor, a former drug addict, found his calling when he started training and rescuing dogs. The hobby also saved his life and got him clean and sober. Now, he's paying it forward by opening the door of his animal rescue to other drug addicts to help them  get better, too.

The No More Pain animal rescue is sheltering puppies from hurricane-ravaged areas that are looking for a forever home.

Puppies featured on the PIX11 Morning News:

Roo and Dakota - 10 week old Catahoula mixes. Mom was rescued from Texas (Hurricane Harvey) and came to us pregnant, even though we were told she was spayed.

Compton — 9 1/2 week old male pit bull. Mom had her jaw kicked in and broken and we rescued her and her puppies from a shelter in New Jersey.

Twix (female) and Thumper (male) — Nine-week-old lab mixes. Mom was dumped on the side of the road in Arkansas with her day-old babies. We pulled her from the shelter and put together a transport to get them here.

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