Distribution centers become lifelines for Puerto Ricans in need of water, food and supplies

CAGUAS, Puerto Rico — As residents of Puerto Rico still struggle without power and water, distribution centers have become the lifeline for many families.

Among the lines of people are stories from the heart.

PIX11’s Lisa Mateo traveled with the American Red Cross to a distribution center in Caguas, providing water, food and supplies for those in need.

While she was there, she met Saskia Gomez, a mother of three who went into labor as Hurricane Maria was battering Puerto Rico.

“They didn’t let me see my baby for three days,” she said.

Now Saskia, like many other residents, is facing the harsh reality of how to support her family without power and water.

“They keep coming. I wouldn’t be surprised if we get over 300 people in the community that we wind up serving,” says Wesley Ha, a volunteer for the American Red Cross.

Yolanda Cafiero volunteers her time seven days a week, while living under the same conditions as everyone else in line.

“I get emotional. People need help. People need help. And I’m here doing my best.”

If you would like to donate to the American Red Cross disaster relief fund, click here.