NJ woman unable to retrieve belongings from home months after car crashes into house

HILLSIDE, N.J. — It's been months since a car crashed into a New Jersey woman's home, but she hasn't been able to go inside since.

City officials told Julia Collins her house is no longer structurally safe.  The car slammed into the side of her Hillside home on July 29, which Collins called the scariest day of her life.

“I was at the kitchen sink and I heard a big boom like something blew up," said Collins. "It literally knocked me against the wall."

Now she wants to retrieve her belongings. Collins has called her landlord and the city, but she's been told she cannot go inside.

“We have so many memories up there, our grandchildren, our parent's pictures," she said. "We want to go back in and get them."

PIX11 made several calls to the landlord. They were not returned. The Hillside Department of Buildings is looking into Collins' request. PIX11 News will stay on this story.

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