Dentist allegedly kills mistress’ baby, tries to order hit on her from jail

Lincoln Lewis (GoFundMe)

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — A dentist accused of killing a 19-month-old baby is now accused of attempting to hire someone from inside jail to murder the child’s mother.

Bert Franklin, already in in jail on murder charges, allegedly approached another inmate to kill Roxanne Randall, the baby’s mother, KFOR reported. Franklin, a married man, had been dating Randall at the time of Lincoln Lewis’ 2016 death.

Surveillance video shows Franklin was in the home at the time of the baby’s death.

Lewis died at a hospital from a skull fracture and subdural hematomas, KFOR reported. Prosecutors said Franklin was upset because the baby’s mother had been spending time with Lewis’ biological father.

Franklin’s attorney has denied all allegations against his client.

“He denies he did any of it,” the attorney told KFOR. “Swears up and down that he was being threatened in the jail and he didn’t have anything to do with wanting to get Ms. Randall killed.”

But prosecutors believe Franklin had his wife transfer $300 into another inmate’s account to kill Randall.