News Closeup: Issues facing Westchester County executive-elect; World AIDS Day

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Democrats scored two big victories in local elections in November, winning the county executive offices in both Nassau and Westchester counties.

New York State Sen. George Latimer pulled off an upset victory in Westchester over incumbent Rob Astorino, beating him by 57 percent of the vote. Now the real work begins and Latimer is alerting his constituents to expect big changes come Jan. 1.

Marvin Scott speaks with Latimer about the issues he’s planning to address, including the counties' high property taxes, gun legislation and more.

As nations mark World AIDS Day 2017, the battle against the deadly disease wages on. More than 36 million people have died worldwide since the virus which causes AIDS was first identified more than 30 years ago.

With advances in treatment and prevention, the numbers have dropped significantly. Still, 6,700 Americans die from it every year -- and many don’t even know they have it.

Marvin Scott speaks with Hofstra University Public Health Professor Anthony Santella, who shares some startling statistics about the disease and fills us in on progress taking place in treatment and prevention.

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