Queens woman found dead with throat slashed on the island of Jamaica

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MONTEGO BAY, Jamaica — Desiree Gibbon arrived in Jamaica on Oct. 20 and was given a three-month visa, according to reports. Her body was found over the weekend by area residents who called police.

She was looking for work in Jamaica to help pay for film school, her mother said. She was a model and actress and dreamed of making documentaries.

"They said, 'Your daughter has been found by the side of the road, her throat slashed,'" Andrea Gibbon said. "They have no clues. They don’t know who did it."

Police identified Gibbon by taking her photo to all the nearby hotels. One of the hotels — Gibb’s Chateau — was owned by her grandparents.

"She had to have been lured from that hotel because she had nothing on her," Gibbon said. "She didn't have a purse. She didn't have an ID. She didn't have money. She didn't have her bank card."

"Right now, I'm numb. I'm angry. I need answers. My priority is to bring her home and deal with everything after," her mother said.

Gibbon's parents were set to fly out to Jamaica Friday, but their flight was cancelled and rescheduled for Saturday.

Her aunt, Peggy Brunner, is trying to raise funds on GoFundMe to bring Gibbon's body back. Over $20,000 has been raised.

Brunner said her heart is broken over the death of her niece. She leaves behind devastated family members, friends and a boyfriend.

"Her smile could just melt somebody, like a Colgate ad," her boyfriend Phil Rodriguez said. "It would sparkle, you know?"

One of Gibbons' many best friends, Gaby Roy, fought back tears Thursday night.

“Everywhere she went she made friends," Roy said.

The coroner’s office is conducting an autopsy to determine how Gibbon died.

Gibbon was one of several people murdered over the weekend in the area, local media reported. Police do not have a motive yet for her killing.

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