Composer Danny Elfman brings ‘The Nightmare Before Christmas’ to Barclays

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NEW YORK — You know his music from television, the movies and, now, the stage.

"It's a very complicated thing, playing the entire score song live, in sync, with the movie at the same time but we are going to do it," Danny Elfman said.

Award-winning composer Danny Elfman is taking The Nightmare Before Christmas live to stage for the first time in New York. It’s one of his many collaborations with director Tim Burton.

"Jack Skellington is very close to my heart. Tim told me the story of Jack being the king of Christmas, I mean Halloweenland, and wanting something else. I was in a band for many years and I wanted out. When you are the singer-songwriter for the band, you are the king of your own little world," Elfman said.

Elfman was the frontman for the popular '80s rock band Oingo Boingo.

"I felt what he was describing for Jack so when I was writing the songs, I was like almost writing from myself. So it was Jack but it was kind of like what I was going through at the time we both get over enthusiastic and cause a lot of trouble and usually things work out OK," Elfman said.

They definitely worked out OK for this music man.

When asked what moment in time truly defines him, Elfman said:

"I don’t know. I kind of like to see myself as a musical schitzophrenic. Batman is also very close to my heart it was very difficult and then I got to revive parts of it just this last month in Justice League. Edward Scissorhands its hard to say. It's like choosing children. I don’t want to make Sophie's choice here, don’t make me choose," he said.

The Nightmare Before Christmas will be Barclays from Dec. 6 through 7. For details, click here.

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