Nurse who recorded nude female patients gets 2-4 years

James Close, 45, said sex addiction caused him to record his naked patients on his phone. (Bucks County Prosecutors Office)

PHILADELPHIA — A nurse who secretly recorded videos of naked female patents was sentenced to two to four years in prison Wednesday.

James Close, 45, said sex addiction caused him to record his patients, aged 17 to 70.

“I don’t know what I was thinking,” Close said, according to the Bucks County Prosecutor’s Office. “I wish I would have sought help before I brought so many people such pain.”

His youngest victim noticed Close recording her and reported him. Close had been working at the facility as a nurse for five years at that point.

“This young woman did an incredibly brave thing” Assistant District Attorney Megan Stricker said. “Her strength and her resolve are what led us to find the other women who are here today.”

Investigators found videos of Close’s other victims on his phone. One of his victims said she and Close discussed their families, holidays and favorite foods, all while she stood naked behind a curtain for treatments.

She did not know Close was filming her.

“I thought I was getting medical treatment when, in fact, I was becoming part of a porn collection,” she wrote in a statement to the court. “I went to get better. I left a victim of a modern-day peeping Tom.”