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Girlfriend of Rikers inmate tried to hire hitman to get rid of witnesses in boyfriend’s case

QUEENS — The girlfriend of a Queens man admitted she tried to hire a hitman to kill witnesses scheduled to testify against her boyfriend in home invasion cases.

Latisha Larrymore, 33, planned to pay the hitman $4,000 to handle the witnesses in her boyfriend’s case. Her boyfriend, Edward Leasure,has since pleaded guilty. He committed two armed home invasions.

“In an attempt to help her boyfriend avoid punishment by intimidating or eliminating potential witnesses against him, the defendant now finds herself facing serious time behind bars,”
said District Attorney Richard Brown. “Witness protection is a top priority for law enforcement and when we learn of plans like the one the defendant participated in we do everything in our power to stop them.”

Larrymore allegedly worked with Leasure’s father to fire the hitman. His father is accused of approaching the hitman initially. He has not yet been tried.

The two apparently referred to the hitman as a “lawyer” who was going to take care of the problem.