Family’s beloved pet dog stolen at gunpoint in New Jersey

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NEWARK — A 3-year-old teacup Yorkie was stolen at gunpoint — now, the pup’s heartbroken family is hoping for the safe return of their beloved dog, as Newark police look into whether the culprits are responsible for other crimes in the area on the same night.

It happened on North 6th Street.

Munchkin, a teacup Yorkie, was out for his nightly walk with his owner when he was taken in an armed robbery.

Last Friday, Luis Costa walked the family dog around 9 p.m. as he does every night.

Afraid for her safety after what happened to her dog, Paula Costa didn't want her identity shown during our interview.

Mr. Costa says three men pulled up in a car, two jumped out of the car and armed with a gun, allegedly demanded his phone and money as they pushed him against a wall. When he said he didn’t have anything on him, the family says the suspects snatched the pup instead.

“He came home panicking saying you're not gonna believe what happened. They stole our little dog and he breaks down right in my kitchen because he felt so bad, he was so attached to the little dog too,” said Mrs. Costa.

“He kind of froze when they showed him the gun. They patted him down. One of the guys leaving said 'grab the damn dog' and they just grabbed our little munchkin,” added an emotional Mrs. Costa.

The adorable 7-pound, 3-year-old Yorkie is named Munchkin, after the Dunkin’ Donuts mini donuts. The Costas brought him home at three weeks old and he’s become a member of the family. It’s been four long nights since he's been gone and they are heartbroken.

“It’s like you losing a child, really it’s really like losing a child he’s, it’s just ours,” said Mrs. Costa.

Mrs. Costa says police told her they suspect the trio was on a crime spree that night. They allegedly carjacked a vehicle then came upon her husband, stole munchkin and went on to rob another victim of his belongings down the street.

“Around this block here they saw guy getting out of house and they stole everything from him,” said Mrs. Costa.

The entire ordeal has taken a toll on the family.

“I’m not sleeping. I’ve lost three pounds since this and my daughters are freaking out.”

Yorkies can fetch several thousand dollars. Munchkin was purchased for $2,800 several years ago. Now, the family is taking to social media to spread the word in hopes their beloved munchkin is returned. Munchkin is microchipped so he’s got identifying information on him. The Costa family hopes that will help bring him home.

If you've spotted Munchkin or have any information on this case, please contact Newark Police.

The family is also hoping the thieves just return Munchkin, no questions asked.

"Just take him to a shelter to a veterinarian. We will just pick it up from there,” said Mrs. Costa.

The family is also offering a reward to anyone who can find their beloved pet. Contact