Toy crazes of holidays past

Black Friday and Cyber Monday have come and gone, with toys like Fingerlings and Hatchimals flying off store shelves and selling out online.

But this year’s hottest toys aren’t the first to cause a panicked frenzy for children and parents nationwide. Here are some the most popular toys from Holidays passed.


Cabbage Patch Kids were the first toy caused stampedes nationwide. Parents waited in line for hours, often finding that by the time they entered the store the dolls has been sold out. Fist fights and brawls also broke out in store aisles, garnering much media attention.

In 1985, Cabbage Patch Dolls made $600 million in sales.


1996 was all about Tickle Me Elmo. The lovable stuffed animal based on everyone’s favorite Sesame Street character would laugh and shake when tickled. The fad toy sold out fast, and though the original retail price was $27.99, some people paid up to several thousand dollars to get their hands on one.

The original toy now has updated versions and spin-off products. There’s even a new version out during the 2017 holiday season that’s “redesigned for a whole new generation.”

FURBY (1998)

One of the first popular smart pets was the Furby. The furry robots would babble, blink and talk. Though they originally retailed for around $35, their prices skyrocketed to up to $100 as their popularity grew. And the chirping toys caused fights between desperate shoppers: one store even set up a mock fight where the winners would walk away with a Furby.

While children loved Furbies, the toys got on the nerves of parents. Furbies didn’t have on and off switches, meaning the only way to shut them down was to take out the battery.