Queens tenants say NYCHA lead inspectors never showed

POMONOK, Queens — Tenants of a Queens New York City Housing Authority building stayed home from work Monday after being told the organization would be coming by to inspect apartments for lead, but they say inspectors never showed up.

NYCHA did not conduct lead paint safety inspections for several years, then lied about the inspections to federal housing authorities, according to recent bombshell report. The organization sent out notices about planned inspections for Monday. Notices said if no one was home, the inspectors would break locks to come inside.

Angil Minor didn't want inspectors in her homes by themselves, so she took off from work and waited for inspectors who she says never came.

"I pretty much blew an entire day. It’s a disgusting feeling," she said. What can I do?"

Neighbor Monica Corbett has a young son and a 3-year-old daughter and she worries about lead in her apartment. She also took off from work and waited for inspectors she says never came.

A NYCHA spokesperson released the following statement: “Our top priority is the health and safety of our residents, which is why we have been inspecting apartments with a child under six since October to ensure there is no risk of childhood lead exposure. Tenants are given several notices prior to the scheduled date of inspection."