MTA inspects wall panels after a section falls onto tracks in Brooklyn

New York City's transit system is old.

There's peeling paint, old parts, and sections are actually leaking and crumbling.

On Sunday morning, a panel from a wall along the southbound R train tracks at 86th Street fell into the trackbed. A train pulling into the station came to a stop on the section.

Crews are looking at other areas with panels. Water may have weakened a structure holding it up.

It's another reminder for riders and the agency. An emergency subway action plan is in place and addressing maintenance of tracks and trains, and stations.

Justin Brannan is NYC Councilmember-elect for Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. He rides the R train and posts about service.
"It’s time commuters demand their elected representatives lock themselves in a room until they figure out how to fix our crumbling public transportation system. I’m ready and I'll bring snacks," Brannan said in a tweet posted Monday.
MTA Spokesperson Jon Weinstein said in a statement: 'We need to fix the entire subway system - from stations to tracks to cars. This is exactly why we`re attacking every aspect with vigorous repairs including unprecedented work to upgrade and rehabilitate our station infrastructure. It`s also why we badly need New York City to be a partner in finding solutions - including with the Subway Action Plan - rather than an obstacle.'​"
The City of New York contributed $2.5 billion to the current 5-year capital plan for new projects. The State of New York contributed $8.3 billion.  Funding for the day-to-day-operations continues to be debated.