Howard tries to move Citi Bike rack obstructing medical patients

GREENPOINT, Brooklyn — New York City’s Citi Bike program is popular. A lot of riders love getting around town by bike. But the location of one Citi Bike rack is a big problem for a podiatrist in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.  The rack is right in front of his office and patients are having a tough time getting in.

“It’s really the wheelchair patients. The patients with the walkers, those are the ones that are having a hard time,” Dr. Vincent Meliso told me. "We’re more concerned with them falling more than anything else.”

The Citi Bike program is administered by a company called Motivate.  But Motivate tells us the rack location is purely up to the NYC Dept. of Transportation.

Dr. Meliso says he’s contacted his community board and city councilman.  They’ve written letters. But so far, no action.

We’ve contacted the DOT about this. It appears it can be solved just by moving a portion of the rack a few feet away to create some space.

But, after telling us it was working on this, the DOT turned around and said it has no plans to move the bike rack.

Let's hope no one gets injured now after the city is on notice about the problem.