Child sex trafficker sentenced to record 472 years behind bars

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COLORADO — A man convicted of running a child prostitution ring has been sentenced to a record 472 years in prison, court officials announced on Tuesday Nov. 21.

The sentence is the longest in U.S. history for a case of human trafficking.

Brock Franklin, 31, was one of seven people indicted by a grand jury in 2015 on the accusation of running a human trafficking ring. Franklin was believed to be the leader of the group.

In March of this year, he was was found guilty in a Colorado state court of 30 counts, including soliciting for child prostitution, human trafficking of a minor, sexual assault, human trafficking of an adult and kidnapping. The minimum sentence was 96 years.

The human trafficking ring reportedly recruited young girls and women on Facebook, drugged them and then forced them into prostitution. The victims were sold online and subjected to physical abuse if they resisted.

Four members of the sex trafficking ring have been sentenced.