Family finds python in apartment toilet

SEATTLE — A family found an unusual visitor inside the bathroom of their north Seattle apartment Friday.

A family found a snake in the toilet of their Seattle Apartment (Seattle Police Department)

The family called police after a child found the 4-foot long snake hiding in their toilet, KOMO-TV reports.

Officers arrived to the apartment and removed the snake, which was picked up by the Pacific Northwest Herpetological Society.

Officials say the snake appears to be a ball python, a popular pet among reptile fans. The python is said to be non-venomous.

Reports of snakes being discovered in toilets are not unheard of, although it does not happen very often.

A similar incident was reported in Kansas City as well as Australia and Thailand.

Seattle Police is asking anyone who recognizes the snake as their own is asked to call 206-625-5011.

Associated Press contributed to this report.