Cat rescued from Brooklyn subway station

BROOKLYN — You’ve heard of cats getting trapped up in a tree. Well one was stuck in a subway station.

For weeks, there was a cat and mouse game in Brooklyn.

The MTA says a cat had been at a Prospect Park station. It was jumping from the Q line and the Franklin Avenue shuttle tracks, not wanting anything to do with the train workers.

Risking several of its lives, it got very close to the third rail.

Passengers were reporting getting very used to seeing the railway cat. The grey and white kitty was even gaining popularity on social media.

Fear not feline, the MTA is on your side. The MTA says a worker rescued the cat on Friday.

Finally, it’s safe at Sean Casey’s no kill shelter in Brooklyn.

Back in 2013, the subway saved two kittens, but it caused passenger delays.

Joe Lhota, who was then running for mayor, said the cats would have to fend for themselves rather than slow down passengers.

Now he’s heading the MTA—So felines wanting to take the train better watch their step.