Follow-up Friday: Here’s how Monica is making it happen this week

Mary Middleton and her neighbors at the Pink Houses on Stanley Street say two buildings have broken mailboxes.

“I go to the post office to pick up the mail and they won’t give it to us. It’s on housing to fix it,” said Middleton.

Paul Thomas is a father of five and is frustrated.

“What do we do about bills and stuff like that? They are not giving us any information,” said Thomas.

New York City Housing Authority spokesperson says, “Repairs began today to fix the mailboxes as quickly as possible. We can and must do better to serve our residents." Mailboxes to both building have been fixed and deliveries started Wednesday.

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Kimberly Abrams lives in the Sotomayor Houses in the Bronx and says since Thursday, families haven't had heat or hot water.

"I call over and over again. Managers tell me it's a boiler issue and they are working on it, but nothing ever happens," said Abrams.

A New York City Housing Authority spokesperson says, "All repairs will be completed today. Our staff is working urgently to ensure our residents do not experience further heating or hot water outages. We can and must do better.” Abrams finally took a hot shower Friday and heat is on.

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Uniqua Silver lives in the Roosevelt Houses and says she has a new baby and needs repairs.

“I worry about my baby everyday, and I need new walls and ceilings,” said Silver.

Silver says she’s put in several tickets for the City to do repairs, and nothing has been done. A spokesperson for the New York City Housing says, “The ceiling is not in danger of collapsing but has been warped by a water leak above. We have reassured the resident of this and we are urgently working to find the source of the leak. We must do better for our residents."

After our story, workers cleaned up the mold.

The city tells PIX11 they finally identified the source of the leak. Repairs will begin next week.

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Wanda Dejesus is fighting cancer and also battling her landlord to make repairs.
She says other families in her building on Andrews avenue have problems with management.
“I have a family of mice living in my stove,” said Diana Barnes, who lives on the second floor.
PIx11 News called the Super Fredrico and the Management office. A representative from the office named Daisy said management is working on each case. Repairs are starting to happen and a stove is being replaced.


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