Cat Friday: ASPCA offers free adoptions for cats and kittens on Black Friday

A Black kitty – that’s Onyx in the box – is going home with his new Cat Mommy - on what the ASPCA calls “Cat Friday”.

While this pickup may not compare to your traditional “Black Friday” mall craziness of grabbing that deeply discounted sweater, that sweater isn’t exactly going to love you back, now is it?

“He was born in august. So he’s a few months old,” said new cat mommy Chamika Barrant.

At the ASPCA’s sprawling complex on Manhattan’s Upper East Side, there are several rooms filled with kittens and cats, just waiting to be adopted.

On the day after Thanksgiving, a waiting room was filled with people ready for a new furry companion – which is the case for Ratna Basak, her son Raj – along with their cat at home – Kelvin.

“Whenever we leave the house, we just feel like he’s alone. We are working eight to nine hours a day. So it is essentially for him to have a companion,” said mom & son adopters Ratna and Raj Basak.

Gail Buchwald launched “Cat Friday” seven years ago, and says, “I think a lot of people spend a lot of time on “Black Friday” standing on line for department store deals, or trying to land a discount at an electronics store – all of these gadgets that are going to wear off. A pet will give you a life time of love.”

On this “Black Friday” – named for the day when retailers’ balance sheets historically went into the profit zone– or into the black, Chamika Barrant is already a loss for words – over her little Onyx.

“I just saw him, and knew that this was him. “No other pets. He’s my only one. He gets all the attention,” said Barrant.

In addition to free adoptions, the ASPCA is offering kittens and cats that are fully vaccinated, spayed and neutered, and equipped with a tracking microchip.