Pornhub debuts pop-up shop in SoHo

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SOHO, Manhattan — “This is for women, for men, it is for the pleasure of all!”

It’s a new take on Black Friday — They have tinted windows at the Pornhub pop-up on one of the trendiest blocks in SoHo:

There are $20 dollar handcuffs from the Museum of Sex, vibrators, and other sex toys, books and tee shirts, all promoting porn or pleasure, depending on your take.

This Pornhub pop-up is a temporary brick and mortar at 70 Wooster Street for the adult website,, which boasts 64 million hits a day.

Pornstar Asa Akira was here for the grand opening.

Some call this high-end smut, but not the creators of this store from Pop-Up Mob.

“We”re trying to unite. We are trying to elevate the brand,” Amanda Nina Abdel Hadi Creatuce Director of Pop Up Mob told PIX11. “We are trying to get away from the taboo. This is for women, for men. It is for the pleasure of all.”

Her colleague, the Chief Operating Officer of Pop Up Mob, Rita Tabet, added: “the funny thing about Pop Up Mob is we’re an all-girls agency, all girls designing the pop-up. We make it very elevated and kind of luxury,” Tabet added.

This titillating pop-up even features a bed for customers to interact with a camera on a live feed streaming onto Pornhub’s website.

We’re not in Kansas anymore, or even Columbus, Ohio as two tourists found out.

“We wouldn’t be walking down a Columbus, Ohio street and see Pornhub,” Brittany Bean told PIX11.

“It’s pretty interesting,” her friend and fellow tourist, Eric Sagun, told PIX11. “It’s a lot of branded material which says a lot about the mainstreaming of porn,” he added.

And a bouncer made sure that no one under 18 was allowed to enter this store, much to the chagrin of a 14-year-old with braces from Roxbury, New Jersey.

“No, they would never be allowed to go there. Never ever,” a mother of one of the girls in the group, Cheryl Glory, told PIX11. Glory explained why. “It’s offensive because they are exploiting sex.”

But the Parkins sisters, 18 and 21, from Brownsville, Brooklyn found this SoHo pop up fascinating, even though they don't think their mother would.

“I don’t think she’s a supporter of this,” Shaniya Parkins, 18 years old, told PIX11 as she laughed nervously with her older sister.

“I am a firm believer that women should be able to express their sexual freedom,” Camisha Parkins, 21, told PIX11.

The pop-up store will be here until December 20th.

When asked about the newest store in SoHo, a spokesman for Mayor de Blasio said, “This is New York City. A temporary porn store isn’t that interesting.”