Shoppers say fake Fingerlings sold through major sites, manufacturer works to get more in stores

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Many parents pre-ordered what is expected to be the hottest toy of the season back in September, only to receive a counterfeit item one month before Christmas.

“My friend is like, ‘where did you get that?’” said Bronx mom Evelyn Lugo. "She’s like 'you literally have the mythical creature.'”

Lugo lucked out when she walked into a Toys R’ Us and saw five or six on the shelves. But her friend was not so lucky. She pre-ordered a Fingerling off of Amazon in September and received a counterfeit in the mail.

"When she showed me I’m like 'this is not real,'” she said. "Even though it says Fingerlings, you can tell.”

Counterfeits have also been reported for sale on

Fingerlings are like a tiny, robotic toy that sit on the tip of your finger. They interactively blink, sneeze and even fart.

"It is the toy to have this year,” said Lugo.

The manufacturer, WowWee, said they are cracking down on Fingerling fakes and trying to get more of the real thing out to stores.

"WowWee is taking multiple proactive measures to protect our consumers from counterfeiters…we recently secured restraining orders against 165 sellers of fraudulent merchandise.”

Amazon and Walmart spokespeople also said they have removed fake Fingerling sellers and that they are refunding customers.

“We take these issues very seriously and have zero tolerance for third-party sellers who list items on our Marketplace in violation of our terms of service,” said Walmart.

The manufacturer said signs of a fake include spelling errors on the packaging, no brand name, unusually low prices, poor quality and sharp plastic edges.

A complete list of authentic fingerling retailers can be found here.

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