Woman caught on camera stealing holiday packages from Harlem apartment building

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HARLEM — Security footage shows a thief swipe packages from the lobby of an apartment building in Harlem Monday night.

The woman is seen carrying a large Target bag. She then takes an empty plastic bag out of the Target bag, walks over to the mailboxes and brazenly starts putting in packages that don't belong to her.

"When I came down discover the package box completely ripped open the contents removed and the other package I was expecting wasn't even in the mail area," said David, who did not want to release his last name.

David is one of the victims of this package thief. The suspect actually removed the contents of a bigger box that belonged to him and put the contents into her bag.

David lost several hundred dollars worth of items he ordered, including something he was going to bring home to his mother for Thanksgiving.

"I would expect people to have better morals better values I'm speechless," David said.

The video shows the mail snatcher getting access to the building by following a tenant inside.

David's neighbor also had a package stolen about three months ago.

"The frustration lies in the fact that we live in this building, we love being here, this is a safe building to us and we would like the same for our packages," Adriana said.

Unfortunately, package theft is on the rise during the holiday season. It's often a crime of opportunity.

"I believe she knows the neighborhood very well and she has been watching this building for quite sometime, so she understands what it takes for her to come in and walk in, which is alarming and scary I feel extremely frustrated," Adriana said. "I think that someone like that is either in need of help or support of any kind they probably just don't know any better."

"It's important to be aware of the individuals coming into your building you know it's not something you always want to do but always ask what apartment you going to, ask who do you know," David added.

David has advice for others.

"It's tough in buildings where you have a high turn over of people you don't always know everyone and you don't want to feel uncomfortable asking but being proactive asking questions and just not being too intrusive but asking whether or not individuals are residents of the building."

David did file a report with the NYPD. He said the police suggested making sure your deliveries require a signature.