Howard asks City Council candidate for campaign worker’s pay

Patricia Butler, of the Bronx, was happy to get work on primary Election Day back in September.

She was going to hand out flyers for City Council candidate Marvin Holland. He was challenging incumbent Bill Perkins for his seat representing part of Harlem. But Patricia says she had a problem with the Holland campaign.

“They never brought me the flyers. They kept saying they were gonna bring ‘em, so I stayed here all them hours and they never showed up," she said.

It got worse than just spending 15 hours for nothing. The $150 check she was supposed to receive from the Holland campaign bounced. Patricia says she tried calling her contacts, but no one got back to her.

Marvin Holland lost his race.

So, I tried to find him at his day job with the Transit Workers Union. It was clear he didn’t know about this.

"I don’t have no idea what you’re talking about," he told me.

So, I showed him the bounced check on my phone.

“I have a copy of the check right there. It was paid for by your campaign. It's not a major amount of money but for her it is," I told him.

To Holland’s credit, he quickly said he’d take care of it, even though he didn’t seem to understand why I was paying him a visit about this.

And a little while later, we received an email from Carole Holland of Holland4Harlem.

She told us:

"…When we found out there was an issue, I contacted the bank and learned that a deposited donation was returned, which caused an issue for a handful of later deposited checks. Because that problem would not be solved for 72 hours, Mr. Holland immediately withdrew cash from personal funds, and resolved payment for all affected so they would not have to wait. I have signed documents from those individuals attesting to that. So, had we heard from Patricia, we would definitely have quickly resolved it. There are a lot of campaign horror stories of many being left unpaid; ours is not one of them!"

In any case, the campaign got in touch with Patricia and a few days later she had a good check for $150.

She’s happy about that. So are we.