Woman punched after accusing subway passenger of ‘manspreading’

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BROOKLYN — A woman says she was punched in the face after she asked a subway passenger who was "manspreading" to be more considerate and make room for others.

Manspreading is a term used when someone is taking up more than one seat on the subway.

When Samantha Saia spoke to PIX11 News Friday, her lip was bruised, swollen and she was still in pain.

The incident happened Thursday morning on a Manhattan-bound N train. Saia asked the man to be more considerate and move over so someone else could sit down. Instead of moving, Saia said the man became angry.

"He just started calling me all sorts of disgusting names," Saia said. "And muttered under his breath 'I’ve raped white women like you, you’re nothing to me cursing at me.'"

Saia said she tried to ignore him — when she suddenly felt his fist in her face.

"He just clocked me and banged my head into the wall and at that point I just felt blood on my hand," Saia said.

As blood gushed out of her lip, complete strangers stood up to help. Saia said a good Samaritan ran over and pulled the attacker off his seat telling him he needed to get off the train at the next stop.

The good Samaritan, Victor Conde, told PIX11 News that after he intervened, the guy apologized. But it was too late and a police investigation has been opened. No arrests have been made.

Saia said she just wanted to "warn people because I went about my day and this happened. It's going to happen to somebody else."