All Stars Project brings talent, community to underserved NYC neighborhoods

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NEW YORK — They’re ordinary kids -- with extraordinary talent!

At the All Stars Project, everyone’s a star!

The program’s been transforming the lives of young kids from poor communities for 36 years now.

"What research shows us if young people can find a passion its also what makes it possible for them to find out a way out of poverty," said Gloria Strickland.

One of its biggest youth development programs is the all stars talent show network.

Hundreds of kids from all around the city auditioned to be part of the show and they’ve been rehearsing for weeks now.

"When you come here it teaches you how to get more confidence and how to not get too nervous," said Mark Johnson.

"My favorite part about the program is that it kind of feels like family. The staff members actually get to know you," said Tatyana.

Staff members like Jamel Thigpen, who grew up in the projects in Brownsville and knows the importance of giving back to his community.

"The young people get the opportunity to feel like they own the program they’re greeting you as you come in, they’re working the sounds, they’re working the lights they’re our mc’s they’re basically running the show so they have a sense of ownership," said Jamel Thigpen.

Those who lead the program say it’s the first time many of these kids and young adults  get to experience the feeling of “success.”

"You know kids from our poor communities, people don’t clap for them enough, people don’t clap and say great job," said Strickland.

And maybe become inspired to take their talent to the next level…

Let’s try that again….

"We will walk it out – and move mountains."

All Stars Talent Show

260 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn, NY 11225

Tickets $10 at the door