Bus strike that affected some 20,000 Long Island students is over: union officials

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LONG ISLAND, N.Y. — A bus strike that lasted nearly two weeks and impacted nearly 20,000 Long Island students is over, union officials said Thursday.

The union issued a statement regarding the end of the strike:

From the beginning, TWU Local 252 sought a speedy resolution to this dispute so our members could continue to serve our communities and provide safe transportation to the children in the affected districts. It’s unfortunate that we had to stand up and take action against a corporate bully who has no regard for the workingmen and women of Long Island.
Now that we have won gains on our top priorities, with a contract offer including a new guaranteed week and higher pay for chartered school trips, our members at Baumann & Sons have begun to return to work. Local 252 will bring Baumann’s latest offer to the membership Friday. The offer also includes raises, gains in sick leave and an increase in the employer’s 401k contribution.
Baumann demonstrated a complete lack of concern for its workers during this dispute and paid a heavy price: one of the districts cancelled its contract with Baumann and assigned the work to another company whose employees also are represented by Local 252.

The strike entered day nine Thursday, after negotiations went late into the night for striking union bus workers of TWU Local 252 and their bosses at Bauman bus company.

Earlier in the morning, officials said a federal mediator called the talks together, but those long and late hours hadn’t led to a resolution.

Some 300 drivers, matrons and mechanics were off the job during the strike.

Before the strike ended, President Debra Hagan released a statement saying the union had made many concessions in negotiating in the strike that impacted transportation for four Nassau County school districts and about 20,000 students.

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